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We hope you have come to our site because you want to learn how to share Jesus without fear or objections.

It was my wonderful fortune to hear Rev. Bill Fay on the radio one morning and it turned my life around. You see in my youth, I was very active in sharing Jesus but like many of us as we grow older I became what Bill would call "spiritually constipated". I knew too much and began to fear what people would think or that I would not have all the answers. This course, given both at our headquarters in Quincy, MA and at churches around the country, will teach you how to share Jesus without the normal hold backs. It will teach you how to just talk to someone and simply ask a few questions. The great advantage to this program is it only takes a short time to learn and you let the Holy Sprit do all the work. It will teach you how to stay out of the Holy Spirit's way.

Please consider taking this course with us or with another organization that is also giving the course. I am attempting to find all of the sites that are currently giving this course around the world. I will put a link on this page to them as I locate them. If you are currently giving this course please e-mail me at charlie.lufkin@isharejesus.com and tell me about it and I will add a link to your page.

If you would like to have this training class given on a Saturday at your church at no charge or to take this course at our Quincy, MA location. Please e-mail us with your name, phone number and address and I will contact you right away.

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Yours in Christian Service,

Charles Lufkin, Director and Instructor

Phil 4:13


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