Who is Contagious Christianity Ministries?

Contagious Christianity Ministries was established by Charles W. Lufkin in 1999 as a result of bible studies given in his place of business in Quincy, MA.

One of the studies "Share Jesus Without Fear" by Rev. William Fay hit home and the Lord laid on his heart a burden to take this study to as many Christians as he could.

One of his dearest friends and the wife of his pastor at the time, Roberta Linquest, suggested the name of "Contagious Christianity Ministries", as it tells it like it is. We want all Christians to become "Contagious" for Christ.

The happiest time in a Christian's life is when he is sharing Jesus. It's like his first love: boundless joy and happiness prevails, and the joy of leading someone to Christ which cannot be put into words.

Charlie, as his friends call him, accepted Christ back in 1951 in an evening service of the Central Baptist Church, Quincy MA. "I can still feel the emotions that came over me as the Holy Spirit drew me to the altar", Charlie will tell you.

In high school Charlie would bring his bible every day as a testimony to what Christ had done for him and co-founded a bible club in a near by church for an after school activity.

Because it was not clear to him what path the Lord had for his life, he attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas in 1962 where he majored in Business, Law, and Bible. In 1963 he attended Boston University where he studied real estate law. At this time the Lord was leading him into his family's real estate business.

In 1965 he met and fell in love with Patricia McLaughlin. After many hours of prayer and studying the bible together, he asked her to marry him. They were married on Jan 1, 1966. Today after 36 years of marriage, they have four children and seven grandchildren.

Charlie became the youth minister of the Rockland Baptist Church in Rockland, MA in the early 70s and had a successful youth ministry. The Lord led them to open their home to a prayer and bible study each week. Eventually that group formed a new church called Bethel Baptist Temple in Hanover, MA. Charlie was licensed by this church as a preacher of the Gospel. As time went by, Charlie and Pat would help plant two other churches, one in Braintree, MA and another in Easton, MA.

The Lord blessed Charlie in the business world and put him in the right places at the right time. He currently sits on five Boards of Directors from Boston, MA to Westville, Fl.

Charlie believes that all Christians not only have a duty to be responsible with the money that God gives us; but, that as Christians we owe 10% of our time to the Lord as well. God did not call us all to be evangelists, but He did command us to share our faith. It is not our responsibility to "win" anyone to Christ. That is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. In the class, "Share Jesus Without Fear", you will be taught how to let the Holy Spirit do the soul-winning, while we keep out of the way. It is our responsibility to share Jesus and when fail to do so we have committed, "THE SIN OF SILENCE".



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